Saturday, August 18, 2012

taking time off or rather taking time to re-order

My apologies for leaving the blog unattended.  The excuse: Change.  Change in the form of employment, daily routine and 2 freelance gigs.  We can probably also chalk it up to a change in the weather and a change in the fashion cycle.  Change is really the only form of consistency.  

Between embarking on a new career path, writing the shopping guide for this year's Finder Magazine and illustrating a children's book cover, I have been emotionally and physically drained.  I was struggling to find beauty and inspiration regarding style and wardrobe.  I dress for an office now.  Which has proven to be difficult in this recent heat.  The focus has been on the daily agenda, product, conservation.  Not ideas to take lightly but ideas that require a new logistical creative approach.

Here in lies the challenge.  Facing an alarm clock that rings at an uncivilized hour is slowly becoming less cumbersome.  Social demands and personal preferences are beginning to balance out.  Street fashion's savvy-ness continues to ebb and flow.  I am into slacks right now and sensible shoes.  I love blouses and have fully embraced all that a silk scarf can do for an ensemble.  The focus has switched from wanting a variety of looks to defining my own look.  What is worn is less important than how it is worn.  Class.  Let me speak before my garments.  I want refined touches and comfort in my own skin.  I want fit and silhouette.  Minimal patterns and basic color palettes.  Feminine without being girly.  Basic without being boring.  Noteworthy without being famous.  The advancement of style and the recline of fashion.  And more sorting to come.  

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